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Reason Why Not all People Strong enough for cardio exercise

it’s often practice but still not strong running distance, the answer could be because of genes in your body.

Perhaps you’ve asked what makes a successful runner so strong in completing a long-distance race.

Apparently, researchers found that in addition to doing intense exercise, genetically successful runners also tend to produce less creatine kinase and myoglobin, the proteins in the blood associated with muscle damage, in their bodies.

That is, the less the body produces “toxic proteins for muscle” is, it will be less damage to muscle fibers, so the ability to run can be better.

Spanish researchers examined seven genes from 71 experienced marathon runners to get the conclusions.

They measure the level of muscle damage in each participant by testing the blood and compounds released when the muscles become tense or damaged, such as after a long-distance run or marathon.

The researchers say that in order to complete a marathon run, a runner requires about 30,000 steps, while the foot will hold between 1.5 and 3 times the runner’s weight at each step.

“When there is greater damage to muscle fibers, then someone will feel tired faster.”

But the scientists added that their findings were not an excuse to stop practicing.

While some people have a profitable genetic profile to be able to run long distances, staying in special training can help the body to prepare.