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Best Natural Nutrition for the Skin

Best Natural Nutrition for the SkinWant beautiful skin naturally? Do not rush to buy up a variety of high-priced care products. Try first eat eight kinds of food is!


1. Avocado

No doubt, the content of avocados can make the skin moist awake, so skin remains smooth and toned.


2. Green tea

Green tea is rich in antioxidants that can prevent free radicals that make skin beauty disappears. Compared to other drinks, green tea had more vitamins and minerals. I think it will be all right if you want to change your menu from coffee to green tea


3. Fresh tomatoes

Besides having a delicious taste, fresh tomatoes also contain vitamin that prevents skin experiencing wrinkles. Fresh tomatoes can be a substitute for treatment against premature aging.


4. Salmon

Salmon fish contains Omega-3 fats and can treat a variety of inflammation in the body, including the skin. Your skin will become more beautiful by eating fish.


5. Chicken eggs

Chicken eggs containing zinc (zinc) is quite high. The benefit is the removal of the skin scarring (stretch marks) is also acne.


6. Walnuts

The content in walnuts is almost the same as advertising salmon. Protein and Omega-3 in it will make your skin always moist and smooth.


7. Strawberries

Not only has vitamin C and antioxidants, high content in strawberries can help skin cells regenerate. Besides naturally, strawberries can protect the skin from excessive sun exposure.

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