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Impact of Cigarette Against Your Skin

Smoking is not only injurious to health but also bad for your skin. Relax, this article will not “preach” you about the dangers of smoking. I am sure the readers are adults who can make choices.

I will share tips for keeping skin beauty smokers – so your skin glow as it should.

1. Smoking makes your skin dry!

FACT. Women who smoked more than 10 cigarettes per day had a moisture level lower than non-smokers. As a result, your skin can become dehydrated drought alias. Ends diminished skin elasticity and may peel.

TO DO. Add serum or pra-serum that can help lock moisture – but not too heavy as a moisturizer. Serum can help prevent skin dryness throughout the day, and usually the texture is light so it is not too heavy for the skin.

2. Your skin is aging faster

FACT. No need to cite the scientific sources, we all knows that many of the chemicals contained in cigarettes can destroy collagen and elastin – which affects the elasticity and suppleness.

When smoking, you will lose collagen and elastin, and consequently had the skin condition was deteriorating, wrinkles become more visible and the texture of the skin so it is not even.

TO DO. As soon as you were 30, do a treatment that focuses on the formation of collagen and elastin back (something that people usually do at age 35). For smokers, there is no such thing as too soon to look for skin care products that fight aging.

If previously only available variation anti aging retinol as the main ingredient, more options are now available. Look for products labeled as anti-aging.

3. Your skin will look dull and pale.

FACT. Your skin gets the nutrients from the blood. As we’ve heard those smokers have a slower metabolism and consequently, the supply of nutrients to the skin was running very slow. This is why smokers often dull and pale-skinned.

TO DO. Choose a serum that can fight skin color imbalance. Today there are many options serum specifically addressing this issue – which is not the same as increasing the brightness of the skin.

4. Smoking makes the eyes and full lips wrinkles

FACT. Smokers more likely to use their lips and the muscles tend to squint when sucking / blowing smoke. No wonder if both of these activities can cause wrinkles because often “trained”. Since lips are the first body parts that are exposed poison, the wrinkles on the lips even deeper.

TO DO. Do not ever forget to wear lip balm to provide additional nutrients to the lips. Imagine, those who do not smoke just need lip balm, especially you.

Set aside more money for lip care. Do not forget to wear eye cream specifically designed to reduce wrinkles.

5. Smoking makes hands dry and wrinkles more apparent

FACT. It’s simple. Parts of the hand holding the cigarette will be exposed to toxins first and will age faster.

TO DO. Use hand cream! It’s the only solution I can offer. Hand cream will nourish and additional protection.

So as a smoker, you have proven to spend more money on skin care beauty.

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