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The Right Skin Care Based on your Age

Skin Care based on AgeSkin care needs change with age. Therefore, the updated skin care and products you use so that the face is always fresh and wrinkle-free.

Age 15 up to 25 years

Skin that young do not need moisturizer products, but products control bacteria and prevent spotting. (It is important to remember; that these materials are commonly used in the treatment of skin patches often cause dry skin).

Those with oily skin should look for products that do not come with polished face antibacterial ingredients, while those who tend to dry skin should use a light moisturizer product that does not clog pores.

Also, it is important to cleanse your skin is peeling off while you are still young. This will help brighten your skin by removing dead skin cells.

“People between the ages of 15 and 25 years old looking for a product that will address issues such as acne and blemishes,” says Aurélie Guyoux, chief scientific skin care products Etat Pur.

“That is why the product is ideally products containing ingredients that clean and oil purifier, such as zinc gluconate and salicylic acid.”

“People age 15 to 25 years are also looking for products for the treatment of mild moist texture, which is ideal for oily or combination skin, and cleaning products are able to absorb toxins, cleanse and remove the oil.”

Age 25 up to 40 years

As soon as we reach middle age 20’s, oil production tends to decrease and the first signs of aging are also starting to emerge.

“People between the ages of 25 and 40 have two major needs, moisturizers and prevention of aging,” said Aurélie Guyoux.

You also need to buy a product for the treatment of the eye area, which is an area of ​​sensitive skin. Smile lines also looked more deeply, while those who smoke and likes to sunbathe frequently seen to have wrinkles and fine lines earlier than those who do not have the habit.

Cleaning products are also becoming more important; with the balance PH cleaners can help prevent and reduce the signs of aging by helping to keep the skin moist.

Clean the skin on a regular basis, we are more susceptible to changes in skin color in the 30s, and clean up of dead skin cells becomes important, make your skin more radiant.

Depending on your skin type, it is better to avoid the use of powder-based makeup base that could fill the gap lines using a liquid type and main base makeup.

Age 40 to 55

40s and 50s can be a difficult time for the skin. “Age between 45 and 55, many of the changes that occur in the skin known as skin postmenopausal period,” said Nataliya Robinson, skin care therapist

“The lack of estrogen can reduce the elasticity of the skin and skin thickness.” Protection from the sun is also becoming more important, as the reduction in the skin’s ability to protect itself from the harmful rays. ”

“As the number of melanocytes (melanin-producing cells) that decreased with increasing age, making the loss of natural protection,” said Nataliya.

“The skin should also be strengthened with lipids, vitamins, and liposomes. Vitamin A, C, and E are also to be used in the treatment of your skin, because these vitamins can increase the regeneration of your skin, but it also contains antioxidants.

Equally important night cream with cream day because at night we could absorb the important ingredients is better. ”

Above 55 years

Women aged 55 years and above are more prone to have problems with sensitive skin, so look for products that contain natural ingredients.

“From the age of 60 years and over production of collagen and elastin begin to diminish and skin metabolism begins to decline,” said Nataliya Robinson.

“As a result, women may develop an allergic reaction, dry skin, cracked and discolored. At this stage, the skin may have a reaction to certain products, so make sure that you use allergy products. ”

Skin care at night becomes more important, but considers removing the cream and replacing it with oil products, which will keep the skin moist.

“Use of high-quality oil, such as almond oil, apricot kernel oil or jojoba oil,” says Natalia. “In addition, a good moisturizer with SPF will help protect the skin from excessive pigmentation and moisturize the skin.”

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