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Clean Your Skin With Sauna

Clean Your Skin With Sauna

There’s nothing better than sweating to remove toxins from the body.

Not only increase blood flow to the organs of the body and relaxes the mind and body, but also if the sauna is done routinely to clean the skin. Here’s how the sauna to keep the skin from acne.

Why sweat it better

To best understand the benefits of a sauna, you have to understand what happens when sweating. Let’s look from a health perspective: As long as you practice fitness, heart rate, blood flow and circulation will increase.

At the same time, increasingly enlarged pores and sweat toxins hidden in the pores.

Fewer toxins mean fewer blockages or comedos in the pores, this means even more delicate skin.

Replacing physical activity with steam has the same effect. “Steam from the sauna improves blood flow, which then can lower blood pressure,” says Marina Peredo, M.D., of Skinfluencee NYC.

“Heartbeat increases make it more effective. Just like sports, the increased circulation means more nutrients are supplied to the skin, “he added.

Clean the skin for maximum results

When you steam, be it to relax after a workout or simply spend a special time for the sauna, do not forget to clean your skin first before going into a steam room.

Used to clean the sweat out during exercise, as well as if you use skin care products such as moisturizers or sunscreen. This is so that toxins can exit more easily with sweat.

The important thing to remember is do not forget to drink before, during, and after the sauna. Do not get dehydrated body is dehydrated.

Also, avoid stays in the sauna more than 10 minutes. The heat of the steam sauna can lower circulation and bodily functions.

If possible after sauna, continue to go to the pool or shower with warm water lukewarm to clean the sweat from the skin.

“When you sweat, the body releases a lot of salt, this is what must be cleaned immediately after sweating,” said Peredo.

“The combination of salt, fat, and the bacteria it will cause the appearance of acne.”

Peredo also reminded the probability the buildup of sweat on the scalp. “The buildup on the scalp can cause inflammation and irritation around the hair follicles. So, be sure to clean the scalp and rub with your hands, “he said.

After cleaning the skin, lower the water temperature. The cold water will restore blood flow to the vital organs in the body and helps close the pores back to its original size, after all cleaned.

After bathing, dry your skin and use a moisturizer so that the skin does not dry and the humidity is maintained.

Not everyone can steam

“Those with atopic dermatitis skin problems should avoid saunas,” Peredo said. “Likewise, if a person has heart problems and vertigo,” he added.