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How To reduce belly fat

Diet has been done, was already intense exercise, weight loss has started to fall, but why is my stomach still bulge huh?
That is the question that is often delivered by people who are dieting when they find problems above.

Another question that also often interferes with weight loss dieters are already down, but thighs would not shrink as expected. So make dieters wondering, diet and exercise like what else should be done?

Your body has it own mechanisms

basically, all these questions are quite reasonable, given the diet and exercise are two of the healthiest ways to lose weight effectively. But we need to stress here is that the human body has its own mechanism which controls which part of your body to be fattened up or turned down first.

Well, our job is to facilitate and support the performance of the body to perform optimally process through diet and exercise. So you can not determine where in the body decreases.

Logically, if you want to turn down the cheeks (sorry) chubby, if you will train your cheek muscles a day to be smaller? Or for example, when you are asked to fatten fat loss but only requested the cheeks only, of course this sort of thing is not possible.

There are also hundreds of sit-ups a try in hopes of shrinking belly. But after months of sit-ups, stomach still distended. This phenomenon is known as spot reduction, which is to reduce fat in certain parts of the body as you wish.

The most common misconception up until now is that by doing sit-ups, crunches or other abdominal exercises to get rid of fat in the abdominal area and make a flat belly the body has its own mechanism to determine which parts will be reduced fat, not you!
Usually the body is doing a Reverse Process

but you need not be discouraged. There are some important facts that can be used as a reference to address your problem above. Someone who is skinny and has added weight usually started from the stomach, and thighs, and finally the fat cheeks.

Meanwhile, for those of you who want to diet and lose weight the process are likely to be reversed. For example, you will look thin cheeks first, and then the thighs and the last is your stomach.

In fact, more than 98 percent of people who go on a diet will experience this, and they will ask why my thighs are smaller but still bloated belly?

The important thing is the level of fat in the diet as a whole have decreased and your body healthier than ever. If it was still bulging belly or thighs are still big, it means still a lot of fat to be trimmed. And you need to evaluate whether diet and exercise you are absolutely right to burn fat, or to the extent determined without making significant changes.

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