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Repeated loss and Regain of body weight

Despite our diet and routine exercise indeed, repeated loss and regain of body weight or also called yo-yo.

According to dr.Grace Judio-Kahl, MSc, many things make weight like yo-yo, such as the imbalance of neurotransmitters in the brain, hormonal factors, proteins in the body, or errors in diet.

“These factors also contribute to the hungry eyes or inclination alias emotional eater eating not because of hunger, but the psychological factors such as stress, boredom, or sad,” said Grace.

He said that to lose weight in principle is the balance between calories in and out. “If the incoming calories less than that out, surely the weight will go down,” said consultant Clinic weight of this lighthouse.

A strict diet that is too restricting food intake is also ineffective in the long term. According to Grace, this is because your body thinks we are starving, so it becomes slow metabolism and fat storage increases.

The average person needs calories Indonesia is 1600-2000 kcal/day, divided into three meals and two snacks.

“Snacking is a dangerous trap that often unconscious patient. It’s been avoiding carbohydrates, but its high-calorie snack like chips, instant noodles, and fried foods, which could potentially increase the weight,” he said.

We must also be careful of the sugar, flour, and oil. Even if eating this food, it must be balanced with a lot of motion.

Written by psychologist Tara de Thouars, to successfully lose the weight needed changes in behavior or mindset, and also strengthen self-control.

With good self-control, we can be more consistent with your weight loss goals and are not easily swayed by temptation.

Grace explains, weight loss programs must comprehensively with the help of a doctor, because most people do not manage to do it yourself.

“Reducing food is the most severe problems for the run because it needed assistance from a doctor,” he said.

In a comprehensive program, the doctor will help regarding medication and therapy according to the patient’s condition so you can reduce the side effects.

Also, patients will also be assisted to find the cause of obesity and knowledge choosing healthy nutrition.