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Various Cause of Hair Damage and Solution

Damage Hair
The Cause: Using very hot flat hair iron temperatures or using to hot hair dryer. So your hair will look very dull and thinning. Sometimes the color of your hair will turned red

Solution: Use a rich moisturizing shampoo (deep conditioning). Moisturizers useful for damaged hair coat that protect it from further damage.
Besides moisturizer can also stimulate cells to heal damaged hair so strands of hair thinning can be resolved.

Hair breakage
The Cause: Wrong way in Hair combing makes the outer hair cell layer into overlapping make you loose your hair strength and easily broken. Also affect from tied your hair too tight.

Solution: Use a serum containing protein to hair, proteins that will revive your damaged hair cells so it will fertile again. Use mild formula Shampoo might help your breakage hair

Split ends

Cause: Brushing your hair to tight, cause your hair cuticle damage

Solution: Cut hair branches every 6 to 8 weeks to restore your hair looks, consume high protein food that will give your hair substance keratin in your hair to prevent split ends, stop rubbing your hair to hard when you in the shower
Chemicals Damage Hair

Cause: Use of chemicals from curling or straightening the hair is some of the causes. Hair looks rosy as this. In some severe cases, hair pigment slowly disappearing and being copper-colored hair. Hair is also matted and stiff so unruly

Solution: Choose a shampoo that is made from natural so it does not add to the burden of chemicals in the hair. Stop the use of materials such as hairdressers and hair spray wax if not absolutely necessary.

Perform routine maintenance such as hair natural hair masks regularly until the hair healthy again. Hair masks can help restore the beauty of hair. Choose materials or products that mask according to the type and your hair problems.

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