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Various Ways Removing Keloid

Keloid, or commonly known as a scar, is a form of the skin disorder characterized by the appearance of scar tissue that usually occurs after a person perform surgery or a laceration. Initially reddish skin, followed by the bulge in the scar

Keloids that appears on the skin surface are usually reddish and forming a dome. The redness can be turned into darkness, and tend not beautiful to behold. In some cases, keloids can continue to grow and expand. However, keloids are not symptoms of a serious illness its just annoying aesthetic skin, especially if the scars are on the skin that is easily visible.

Some cases show, keloids can occur by itself due to inflammation of the skin, such as acne. Other causes keloids are burns and piercing scars on one side of the body. Genetic factors also play a role in the formation of keloids. Someone who has a “talent” will have a risk of keloid bigger than others.

Keloid does not cause health problems so that its presence is often tolerated. But if you feel keloids have given a bad influence on the beauty of your skin, it can also be removed keloid through ways below:

– Injection of a corticosteroid into the keloid
This injection is safe and does not harm the patient keloid. It will fade and deflated after receiving an injection of a maximum of one time per month.

– Operations
your scar can also be eliminated by re-do surgery. The difference is, this operation is performed to remove the trigger keloids on skin tissue. After the surgery, the doctor will usually give injections of corticosteroid medication to get maximum results. Unfortunately, surgery often fail even keloid can trigger the formation of a similar keloid even larger. Consult your surgeon or plastic surgeon before you decide to take this action.

– The laser beam
Use laser light could also be a solution for keloids on your body. Laser will be very influential in making the keloid becomes flatter and more red. Treatment with a laser beam is considered safer and less expensive than treatment with surgery. Laser treatment tends to be painful, but still needed post treatment laser beam delivery. Therefore, these treatments are relatively expensive.

– Silicone Gel
Silicon in the form of sheets can also shrink keloids that occur in the body. A sheet of silicone gel can be used for several hours a day, in the longer term weekly or monthly on keloid area. The results obtained when using these sheets will vary.

– Cryotherapy
this is one of the keloid freezing technique using liquid nitrogen. This method can flatten the keloid so that it looks similar to the surrounding normal skin. Unfortunately cryotherapy keloid can darken the color so it looks different from the surrounding skin.

– Injection of interferon into the keloid
Interferon is a protein produced by the immune system that help the body fight viruses or bacteria. Recent studies revealed that interferon injections can reduce the size of the keloid. However, up to now has not been established how long the period of time results in the disappearance of the last shot of the keloid.

• Injection of 5-Fluorouracil (5-FU) into keloid
this method is the form of injections performed alone or in conjunction with steroids so as to maximize the treatment of keloids.

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