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Benefit Cardio Exercise

Research shows that a person who cardio exercise routine will improve cardiorespiratory system. Cardiorespiratory it is the performance of the heart, lungs and blood vessels in the oxygen to be distributed to all body tissues. So the impact will be able to increase your body’s metabolism.

That’s one of the benefits one can get cardio exercise and other benefit that you get from cardio Workout

Reduce Your High Blood pressure

Cardio exercise can also reduce high blood pressure. Because the optimal performance of the heart in pumping blood to the torch body, making the blood circulation in the body to normal. This effect could feel in the first week after the exercise routine.

Cardio exercise is suitable for you who have high blood pressure, can be used as therapy.

Control your Low density Cholesterol

indeed in the human body there are two types of cholesterol, namely Cholesterol Evil (Low Density Lipoproteion) and Good Cholesterol (High Density Lipoproteion). Well, the bad cholesterol will trigger some risk of disease, such as stroke and heart attack. This is because of bad cholesterol can settle in the blood vessels.

To overcome it, the good cholesterol should be improved to be able to reduce those risks. One that can be done is to exercise cardio workout.

If you feel bad cholesterol in the body is high, you should be doing cardio exercises from now.

High Immune system

Because cardio exercises regularly can improve cardiac performance, respiration, and blood vessels, then the effect will have an impact on your body’s metabolism. The health of your body increases and your immune system increase, especially when the change of weather.

Circulation of oxygen to the brain is also going smoothly and your lungs will be healthy.

Then how cardio exercise that right? Because cardio exercises that can be done in various ways and media, we recommend you to consult the experts. If you really want a cardio workout at the gym, then you should hire a trainer who has experienced.

So in doing cardio exercises later on you can do it safely, precisely and does not cause injury. If one wants to do it at home, should also be consulted, especially the problem of movement and form of training.

If you are just doing a cardio workout for the first time, not to do it by force. Do a light cardio workout intensity once the time is not too long. The important thing is to exercise regularly used.

In order to optimize your cardio workout, do not forget to provide nutrition to the body. Cardio exercise strenuous enough, so the extra nutrition is needed. In addition to replacing the lost energy, can also be as a support for optimal health.

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