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Cutting Carbs to Lose Weight

Reduce Rice Best Way Lose Weight?

Stop eating rice, another alternative diet for Asian people who mainly consume rice, a one way to lose weight is considered effective. In fact, carbohydrate is very important for the body.

Rice contain a high carbohydrate

“The consumption of carbohydrates is one of the causes of obesity, because of sugar excess in the body and stored as fat,”

In people with normal weight, calorie needs about 2000 calories per day needs about 300 grams of carbohydrates. While the people who are overweight, calories per day should be limited to about 1500 calories and carbohydrates of no more than 180 grams.

“As an illustration, in a small bowl of rice, a 200 gram contained approximately 80 grams of carbohydrates.

Often people are not aware of their carbohydrate intake. “Eating a lot of rice, the meat also contain flour, then drinking sweet iced tea. All in good carbs”
With these practices, would be excessive calorie intake of needs. If not balanced with physical activity is high, do not be surprised if eventually obesity.

Low-carb diet is proven to be more effective in reducing weight than the low-fat diet. Even so, it must be remembered that the low-carb diet does not mean do not eat carbs at all.

Key to lose weight, not avoiding carbohydrates, but choosing the right type of carbohydrates. “Choose carbohydrates that are high in fiber, such as oats, wheat bread, soya beans and nuts, vegetables, and fruit. Tubers also quite high fiber content,”

If we feel that we still need to eat rice, you should reduce the portions or replace white rice into red rice.

“There are also those who fear that portion of rice was reduced later starve or cannot think. Trick it by eating high-fiber snack about two hours before a meal,”

Snack consumption can maintain proper blood sugar levels remain stable and your appetite is not excessive when eating carbohydrates at mealtimes great.