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Easy Diet – How to Measure Your Meals

How to Measure Your Meals

Diet often becomes something that is not easy, so many people are reluctant to do it, or stop in the middle of the road.

Things that make dieting difficult and complicated one of them is about calculating food intake, where we have to weigh food, count calories and more.

However, the complicated way can be abandoned because diet is not a math test. What we need in the calculations we already have, that is our hands.

Simply put, this is how we calculate the intake by hand: Open the palm of the hand, and that’s how much protein we should eat. One palm of the hand is roughly equivalent to a chicken breast or two pieces of tempeh.

For vegetables, the portion is approximately as much as one fist. Imagine broccoli or spinach of that size. Enough filling is not it?

Well for carbohydrates, the portion is quite the size of the hand when forming a bowl. You can put a piece of yam in it or 4-5 tablespoons of rice, or a piece of carbohydrate-rich fruit. While the fat gets the smallest portion of our thumbs.

Using that size for every meal, we will get enough protein to maintain muscle mass and make us not hungry fast. While the carbohydrates and fats we eat is enough to energize during exercise, recuperate, and maintain hormone levels.

And most importantly, the use of a simple way that will keep our food intake while dieting so we can erode the fat in the body without having to think hard.