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Edema Treatment: Natural Cures for Edema

In our bodies, there is water, water everywhere – on the outside of cells, tissues, organs, muscles and the circulatory system. In fact, 70 percent of our body is water.

Our bodies are largely doing a good job in regulating the levels of water through the kidneys and urine: an excess of water can affect the rotation of water in the kidneys; but dehydration can slow them down. But the changes and disruptions can make the body hold on to water, so that makes you look and feel like bloating.
Some of the reasons of the drivers of this problem, for example salt intake too much, it is easy to overcome. But edema can also be caused by a serious problem, such as heart disease and disorders of the lymphatic system.
Natural Ways to Cure Fat Water (Edema)

So if you are worried, suddenly experienced a fat water, then consult your doctor. And when you learn that there is no serious problem, try the natural way to get rid of the water plump following:

1. Drink plenty of water
Perhaps you will think, fat water was caused by the amount of water, why it was told to drink plenty of water. Well, keep in mind that fat water happens precisely because of our lack of drinking water. When you do not drink enough water, your body rests on the water, so the water will occur obese. So drink water throughout the day; 8 to 12 glasses optimal.

2. Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables
Some natural diuretics include asparagus, beets, parsley, onions, green beans and leeks. Watermelon almost all contain water, and work to hydrate you. Eat fruits and vegetables more.

3. Avoid Sodium
Excess sodium can cause cells to swell, creating linked sodium retention. So avoid excess salt and processed foods, which are loaded with sodium. Among snacks like chips and pretzels, canned soups, meats, and canned beans and olives.

4. Start herbs Consumption

Dandelion and ginger are known to help you lose fat water. But sprinkle seasoning your food with any herb, in addition to retaining salt water, will help prevent bloating.

5. Avoid Sugar
Especially sugars found in candy, soda and snacks. Simple sugars cause a spike in insulin, which can cause fluid retention.

6. Sports Daily
Yes, it is good also for water retention. Exercise makes the blood vessels expand so that the liquid is more easily excreted from your body. You do not need to run a marathon; enough to walk alone for 30 to 40 minutes a day will be very helpful.

7. Reduce Stress
Do all the things that can calm you, such as yoga, meditation, exercise, or watch a funny sitcom. All that can help reduce water retention caused by stress.

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