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Efficiency Sea cucumber kills cancer cells

sea cucumbers is not only high in nutrients and delicious, but in Chinese medicine has long been used as an adjunct in the treatment of cancer.

Previous sea cucumbers are also popular as male libido enhancer and lowering cholesterol. But in fact this marine life also contains antiviral, antibacterial, and has been used in the treatment of various diseases.

“Sea cucumbers are also commonly used as an extra for those who are undergoing chemotherapy because it is very effective in reducing the side effects of cancer therapy,” said Ty M.Bollinger, author of the book “Cancer: Step Outside the Box”.

Chemotherapy is the administration of immunosuppressive drugs intended to kill cancer cells. But often this treatment also makes the immune system weak so that cancer patients experience a variety of uncomfortable side effects. “The content of the sea cucumber can make the immune system back strong,” he said.

Besides having immunomodulatory benefits (immune system booster), sea cucumbers are also mentioned cytotoksik, which means being able to kill cancer cells.

In Indonesia, Dr.Ir.Delianis Pringgenis, lecturer of the Department of Marine Sciences Faculty of Fisheries and Marine Science Diponegoro University, has also been doing research on the benefits of sea cucumbers (Kompas 09/06/12). According to him, sea cucumbers also prevent blood clots and inflammation, normalize blood sugar levels, stimulates cell recovery, as well as relieve pain.

Sea cucumbers are more widely consumed in China and Southeast Asia because of its soft texture and medicinal properties. In the Western world, this little-known marine animals even though they had studied more than 15 years. The focus of research experts are the benefits of sea cucumbers in the treatment of cancer.

Sea cucumbers can itself be processed into food or dried and prepared as a supplement in capsule form.

“One of the benefits of the sea cucumber is high in kondoitrin sulfate, the active substance that is commonly used in treating joint pain and arthritis,” said Bollinger.

Although very useful, sea cucumber populations in the Java Sea continues to decline due to high exploitation with increasing demand for the export market. In fact, on the coast of Central Java, sea cucumber is rare.

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