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Symptoms of Lymphoma That You Must Know

6 symptoms of lymphoma as follows

1. Swollen lymph nodes in particular area

This cancer will initially cause swelling or lump in the area of the body that are the lymph nodes. Generally appear around the neck, armpits and groin.

Not necessarily swollen of neck will lead to Lymphoma, if its lymphoma, the lump is usually more than one or as clustered and painless”

2. Significant Weight loss

Weight loss for no apparent reason also need to beware of lymphoma. Typically, the weight loss of more than 10 percent and at least going for 6 months.

3. sweating at night

Night sweats are a symptom of lymphoma is not due to physical activity. In patients with lymphoma, can sweat at night, despite the cold or room to use air conditioning.

This is due to cell metabolism is disrupted. Sometimes accompanied by fever from evening till dawn, until the body feels itchy.

4. Fever

Many diseases can cause symptoms of fever. However, in patients with lymphoma, fever is usually not very high, around 37 degrees Celsius and never more than 38 degrees celsius. The fever will wane.

5. Fatigue

Lymphoma patients usually feel very tired or weak. For example, the breath becomes short and difficult breathing during high activity, whereas before is fine.

6. Stomach feels full

other symptoms, ie abdominal pain or uncomfortable. It also feels full in the stomach. If some of these symptoms appear constantly, you should see a doctor immediately.