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Tips To Keep Healthy At Work

At work, of course you want a sense of comfort that labor productivity would be better.

Moreover, most of the time spent at work. Well, so comfortable while working, the conditions must be fit.

Therefore, you need the following things:

1. Enough Rest
In the productive age, the body takes a break as much as 6,5 – 7,5 hours. If you are less rested,
the body will feel tired. In addition, make sure the quality of your sleep.

2. Adjust High Chairs and Pay attention with your Monitor position

Computer Ergonomics is the science of the body related to the conformity between man and his work in which place people as central to the capability and limitations of their work, as well as ensuring that the equipment must adapt to the workers rather than vice versa.

In this case, for you are more sitting in the office (for 6-8 hours and continuously), there will be stiffness in the neck, shoulders, back and waist. In addition, if the position is not the appropriate body between the working table and chair, stretching will occur on certain body parts.

Therefore, the best position is the height of the seat according to the workers as well as the placement of appropriate computer monitor screen of workers as an example in the picture.

3. Avoid Eye Fatigue

If you are often faced with a computer, you should not constantly staring at the screen. So, every 20 minutes, you have to look as far as 20 feet (the farthest point in the workplace) for 20 seconds.

This will make the eyes become tired. You should also pay attention to proper lighting so as not to dazzle or even less lighting.

4. Move your Body
Every 1 hour, you should perform body movement is stretching of the body, or standing on the seat. The benefits of stretching are relaxing muscles contracted continuously. As a result, flexibility awake and blood circulation becomes more smoothly so that the muscle was reduced tiredness. During the day, go out to lunch. Activity walk to places to eat also makes blood circulation more smoothly and you will breathe fresh air. If there is no interruption in the lumbar spine and knees, you can use the ladder to climb down from the workplace. Then, for those who go to work by private car, you should park at a distance and then walk quickly headed to the office. Things like this are an alternative sport that body fit

5. Drink as much from 1500 to 2000 ml / day and do not hold your pee to avoid urinary tract infections. Then, choose healthy snack foods such as fruits, boiled bananas, and others. You also have to remember that breakfast before work is very rewarding. Because, you need energy to start your work
If you do not, you are likely looking for a snack that sometimes unhealthy fried food until lunch time arrives.

6. Avoid Stress
you should maintain a conducive atmosphere in the workplace because of stress can create pressure that makes you unfit. If there are a few things related to work way beyond expectations, you need a good stress management.

7. Clean Air conditioning
Air conditioner or air-conditioning in offices serviced regularly, so that the air becomes cleaner.

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