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Tips to Prevent Stomach Acid Up

The stomach is an organ that is very active furnish essential for life. And to maintain the health of the stomach we have to consume healthy food and set healthy lifestyle.

But most people do not pay attention to the pattern of drink and eat meal that can cause your stomach acid up. The disease will make daily activities disrupted.

Well, here are tips to prevent stomach acid up:

Reduce Weight

Being overweight is one of the factors triggering the occurrence of stomach acid up. For those of you who have excess weight is a good idea to exercise regularly so as to avoid stomach acid rises.

Reduce Stomach Acid Foods That Trigger Up

Some foods that trigger stomach acid quickly rose among others tomatoes, garlic, citrus and others.

Drinking Water

To prevent stomach acid up you can consume water at least 8 glasses a day.

Rest enough

To avoid stomach acid up try a healthy sleep pattern that night sleep in approximately 7-8 hours.

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