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Periodontal disease cause erectile dysfunction

periodontal diseaseAccording to recent research, it turns out gum disease can increase the risk of erectile dysfunction are three times higher than men who have healthy gums.

It is evident from a recent study conducted by researchers from Turkey. The scientists compared 80 men aged 30-40 years with erectile dysfunction, with 82 healthy men.

As a result, about 53 percent of men with erectile dysfunction problems were also experienced gingivitis. When research results are matched with a variety of other factors such as age, body mass index, income, and education level, men with severe periodontal recorded 3.29 percent more likely to experience erectile dysfunction

Inonu University research leader of Turkey, Dr. Faith Oguz, said that the problem of erectile dysfunction is a health problem that affects an estimated 150 million men. Impotent men reported experiencing changes in the quality of life along with her partner.

“Physical factors did reach two-thirds of all cases, but most are caused by blood vessels, psychological problems such as depression and stress,” Oguz said as quoted by Antara news agency.

Furthermore, Ogus explained that the disease Periodontal is an infection caused by bad bacteria that dominate the area of the gums and cause inflammation.

“Many studies have reported that acute Periodontal can lead to diseases related to blood vessels just as coronary heart disease, or erectile dysfunction,”

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