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Healthy Dinner Menu

Your eating habit will encourage your weight loss result and support your health. According to experts, People should pay attention with their dinner time and type food or drink that you consume after 7 PM
1. Calories
Nighttime is the time for you to rest in a deep sleep. Not recommended high-calorie dinner. It can make your satiety, abdominal discomfort or indigestion. Consumption of foods high too heavy like carbohydrates can cause hormonal changes that promote weight loss.

Recent research presented at the European Society of Cardiology Congress reported that people who consume large amounts of calories in after 19:00, an increase in blood pressure.

2. Eat fatty foods
Consume fatty foods should be limited, especially at night after 19:00. Avoid high fat foods such as ice cream, biscuits, cakes and chocolate. If consumed in excess, can increase the levels of fat in the blood that block blood flow. Choose low-fat dinners, such as vegetables, fruit, and yogurt.

3. Drinking alcohol
Already a heavy meal, then connected with drinking alcohol at night is not recommended. Additional alcohol will only worsen the health and increase the risk of weight gain. Better to drink enough water.

4. Caffeine
Consume coffee at night, especially before bed is not a good idea. Caffeine in coffee causes a person difficulty sleeping, anxiety, and heart palpitations. The condition can occur 4-6 hours after ingestion of caffeine.

5. MSG
MSG or mono sodium glutamate found in many fast foods and junk food. Avoid eating noodles, snacks such as potato chips, salty sauce, and other foods containing MSG. Too much MSG in food can cause skin irritation, increased heart rate, rash, headache even for very sensitive people.