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Juicing or Smoothies Facts


Healthy food when:
Smoothie is generally a mixture of different types of food, so you will get the healthy benefits other than fruit and vegetables. For example, you can get protein intake by adding Greek yogurt or protein powder in a mixture of fruit or vegetable.

You can also add healthy fats, in the form of avocados, chia seeds, or almond butter. Can also mix many other super foods for more nutrients, such as grated fresh ginger, powdered mocha or chocolate, fresh mint and cinnamon.

In other words, nutritional balance can be a meal replacement smoothie or drink to restore the condition of the body after strenuous exercise or in the healing period.

Becomes unhealthy food when:
Consume smoothies as meal companion drink, really can make you swallow more calories than you burn.

It can actually interfere with weight loss or even cause weight gain. Thus, unconsciously, you like eating two meals at once; the shape of the food, one drink form.

“I was recently the arrival of clients who complain do not get the results of weight loss, even though he was eating healthy and exercising. Apparently, one of the main causes that I found was that he drank a smoothie 400 calories every morning, along with a bowl of oatmeal, or vegetables and a fried egg, “says Sass.


Healthy when:
Juice can be a great way to fill nutritional gaps that seriously. For example, one of my clients really do not like vegetables, Sass said, but he would drink green juice every day, mixed with apple and ginger to make it taste becomes more palatable.

And for some professional athletes with hectic schedules, eating fruits or vegetables in liquid form enables the body to get the daily nutrients faster.

Basically, the juice can indeed make it easier to get all the vitamins and minerals needed by the body.

Becomes unhealthy when:
The juice is generally rich in nutrients, but low in fiber, especially if you proceed with a juicer. This makes it less juice can make you full, rather than whole fruit smoothies.

The juice is low in fiber can also make you lose some important nutrients and health benefits for the intestines.

Moreover, when the juice is made with a sugary fruit or vegetable is high and still added with sugar, you may actually be experiencing a surge in blood sugar.

To stay healthy, you could juice consumption as a healthy snack in the middle of the meal, as a complement of nutrients from fruits and vegetables. And sure, avoid sugar in fruit juice.

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