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Things That May Happen To Your Body When You Stop Eating Meat

People who implement a vegetarian diet or not consume meat is growing as part of health awareness around the world. We know that there are many benefits not to consume meat and increase intake of fiber.
A study showed that the millions of deaths from chronic diseases in the world per year could be prevented if more people were to reduce meat consumption. Saturated fatty food does increase the potential for dangerous diseases.

One of the advantages of not eating meat is decreasing cholesterol levels up to 35 percent.

Type two diabetes is also closely linked with eating animal protein, especially red meat and processed meat.

People who eat meat more than once a week, for 17 years had a 74 percent risk of suffering from diabetes. In general, meat lovers are more likely to suffer from diabetes than vegans.

By reducing the intake of meat, cheese, and eggs, and replace them with high-quality vegetables, nuts, and seeds, your body will thank you.

Just make sure your body gets all the nutrients in the amount as needed

Despite not getting the animal protein intake, but vegetarians can still get the protein, such as tofu and beans.

However, vegetarians still need to regulate their food consume properly to make sure you not lack of iron, calcium, and vitamin B12, which we get from animal protein.