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how to quitting smoking

how to quitting smokingThe habit of smoking is very harmful to health. In fact, active smokers already know and realize that they are at risk of developing lung cancer, emphysema and heart attacks later in life due to smoking.

However, if you really want to quit smoking, try these steps and hopefully can help you to get rid of unhealthy habits.

Step 1: Select the day to start quitting smoking

Grab a calendar and select a time to prepare you to get out of the habit of smoking. Could not hurt to start quit smoking on the day that you consider the stress level is not too high compared to other days, such as days on the weekend. Mark your calendar and begin to commit to doing it.

Clean up after it is committed. Get rid of ashtrays, lighters and cigarettes is the first step to the success of smoking cessation.

Step 2: Predict situations trigger the desire to smoke

Try to predict the trigger situations that will appear on the first day when quitting smoking. There are times when certain circumstances be a strong incentive to return to smoking. Then write on a special pad that you have provided.

Then look at the first week of the decision to quit smoking. If you can pass the exam on the first seven days, it would be a good sign to stop smoking forever. If you find another trigger in the first seven days you quit smoking, immediately wrote in the book. Because it will tempting you to start smoking again during normal day to day weekend is usually always different.

If you’re having trouble making a list trigger the desire to smoke, then you need ‘special observations’ in one week before the realization of the intention to quit smoking, so you can know when and why it became the desire to smoke.

Step 3: Strategic plan for your trigger situations

now think of any trigger points. What is your main goals smoke? What is it to pass the time? Reduce stress? Makes you more mature? For example, let’s say the trigger is stressing in the workplace and cigarettes help calm you. Then find the solution, what can be done to cope with stress than smoking? You can try a short break from work, consume water, or trying to relax by doing yoga light. For each trigger, write two or three strategies. Then commit to use that strategy when the situation occurs.

Step 4: Find a support

Quitting smoking will be easier when the person closest to you to help to pass your intention was, support that can be given as an actions with ensuring no cigarettes lying around the house. Or tell you that families are proud of you for all the effort to quit smoking

Once you have successfully stopped smoking at the first day, try to feel the difference.
1. After 20 minutes, blood pressure and pulse return to normal.
2. After 8 hours, the oxygen level in your blood returns to normal.
3. After 24 hours, the lungs begin to clean the tar buildup.
4. And after 48 hours, the smell and taste of a good start to increase.
5. After 72 hours, breathing easier, bronchial tubes relax more and an increase in energy.
6. Two to 12 weeks, walking and running a lot easier. After three to nine months, the lungs have room for oxygen up to 10 percent more.
7. At one year, the risk of heart attack decreases by half. Even after 10 years, the risk of lung cancer was also reduced by 50 percent. And in 15 years, your risk of heart attack as those who are non-smokers.

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