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3 basic exercises to slim your waist

When you want to slim your waist faster during your daily exercise do this simple thing


Burning calories are the key to successfully lose weight, but if you want to burn fat around the abdomen, strength training like lifting weights is the key.

To burn more belly fat, use a barbell weighing about 5-10 kg, for 15 minutes every day for 5 days a week.

Perform lifting and lowering the load at an accelerating pace for maximum results.

Combine the weights lifting and cardio

Kettle bells are a barbell-shaped ball with a handle at the top like a tote bag, allowing you to lift it

Using a barbell this type, allowing you to perform cardio exercises, lifting weights, so you’ll burn fat in an amazing amount. Simple example, perform gymnastic movements favorites, but by holding the barbell is in your hands.

Combine weight training and muscle training

Do exercise with squats while holding weights. Do it for 1 minute, then increase squat to 2 minutes, and continue as you can, up to 10 minutes every day.

Although exercise is fairly heavy, the result can slim your belly circumference 1-2 cm for 2-4 weeks when this routine five times a week. Interestingly, you can do it at home, without the need to go anywhere.