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Burn Fat FASTER!

Have a plan to get a more ideal body shape by reducing weight? Consider the way that makes you able to burn more fat throughout the following day.

1. Start with interval training
After the interval training, you can burn more fat in the next exercise. The study, published in the Journal of Applied Physiology found that after doing interval training, fat burning will last longer.

2. Briefly but routine
Who says you do not have time to exercise? Only 20 minutes and done regularly, exercise may provide more effective results than spending hours in the gym. This is because the body’s metabolism is accelerated one to two hours after exercise. So there must be a long, better exercise done regularly.

3. Reduce stress
Stress greatly contribute to the accumulation of abdominal fat. A study from the University of California says, it is because of the stress hormone cortisol increase appetite and facilitate the accumulation of fat in the abdomen. Then you also need activities that can reduce levels of stress, such as yoga or associate.

4. Try new
Challenge your body to do a new sport. Even though you are a tough runner, your muscles are challenged when doing other sports that make it grow.

5. Lift heavier weights
Once a week, increase the weight you lift heavier than usual. It will provide a challenge for the muscle and make it stronger. When cardio will burn calories at once, lifting weights will burn calories 24 hours later. Moreover, unlike cardio to burn fat as well as muscle, lifting weights will only burn fat.

6. Get enough sleep
Remember the stress hormone cortisol? Lack of sleep it can also increase the levels of this hormone. According to research from the University of Chicago, lack of sleep also increases levels of the hormone insulin to make the body more difficult to digest carbohydrates. Enough sleep because sleep is the body time to replenish the energy that accelerates metabolism.