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Cardio Exercise That Burn Calories Most

You’ve probably heard that cardio exercise is the kind of exercise you need to do to stay in shape and keep the weight does not go up. However, these were often difficult because the reason there was no time.

The good news, we actually do not have to spend hours to do cardio in order to burn more calories. To note is choosing the right type of cardio.

Activities that use more muscle mass and endurance needed is the best calorie burner. Moreover, the higher the intensity the more calories burned.

Here are some cardio exercises that can burn a lot of calories in a short time.

– Interval scamper
Running, riding a bike, or swim, at a steady speed is enough to burn calories, especially for beginners. But if you accelerate the time, then calories burned even more.

Men with a body weight of 70 kilograms of running speeds of 7.5 miles per hour can burn 465 calories in 30 minutes. Try doing sprint intervals with 2 minutes then one minute of jogging, and so on.

– Rock climbing
Every muscle in your body, starting from the fingertip until the soles will work when you do rock climbing, either inside or outdoors. The man with the weight of 70 kilograms is about to climb 30 minutes burns 409 calories.

– Swim
The whole body will also move when we swam. When we do the breaststroke swimming for 30 minutes, 372 calories burned, while it if doing the butterfly stroke calories burned reaches 409. The place we swam too influential. Swim in the sea will burn more calories.

– Hiking
Whether it’s cycling or running, as we climb the hill takes work large muscles. We will burn calories 10 percent more than running on a flat surface. In a period of 30 minutes running at a moderate pace will burn approximately 373 calories.

– Jogging or running
You may feel too heavy track so lazy to do it. However, jogging is the best calorie burner because we move the body away from the ground. Calories burned in 30 minutes at around 372. The faster you run, the more calories are burned.

– Jump rope
Do not underestimate the sport similar to children’s games. Jump rope is done at medium speed for several minutes just like sprinting.

Within 30 minutes of jump rope exercise, we will burn about 372 calories. Not everyone can do jump rope with long, because it did interval by running in place for two minutes, then jump again.

– Burpee
Burpee is a combination of basic movements such as push-ups sport, kicking, or jumping, but it was done quickly. When carried out for some time, there will be a lot of calories burned. Calories burned to reach 300 for 30 minutes.