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Sit-up exercises Failure

Sit-up exercises no matter how hard it will not work to make your stomach flat if you are wrong while doing so. If any movement of sit-ups, you instead become sore neck, muscle cramps, and so forth. Sit-ups, or variations thereof, crunch, which is designed to strengthen abdominal muscles, back and core muscles, is actually very easy to do. Immediately improve if you still find errors in practicing the movements, such as the following:

1. Exercise is outdated
Sit-up style long usually even make the back and neck muscles become tense, and it does not support the work of the abdominal muscles. Crunch correct movement is focusing on the abdominal muscles. Concentrate on the abdominal muscles, feel how the contract area.

2. Head and neck tighten
If your neck stiffens, it means you do not do the movements correctly. When you are trying to wake up from a position lying on the floor, make sure the one who works the abdominal muscles, not your shoulders and neck. Thus, the abdomen was the one who should feel tense or contracted. Place both hands across his chest to let the abdominal muscles work without the help of hands. Or, bend both hands until almost touching the ears. Do not place hands behind the head.

3. Your chin touch your chest!
That kind of movement driving strain on the neck. Make sure there is a distance of about a fist between your chin and chest. Find a focal point on the ceiling right above your body, and focus on that point when you lift your shoulders and head off the floor. The focal point is what helps prevent strain on the neck.

4. You push your stomach muscles out
You want may do the opposite, ie pull your navel to the base of your spine. During crunch movement, abdominal muscles should always be in a “locked” or drawn into. Only in a “locked” will work the abdominal muscles.

5. You hope this movement can throw away all the fat belly
Not surprisingly, your efforts while doing this movement is painful, because you save destinations that are less precise. Movement crunch will strengthen the abdominal muscles, which actually makes your stomach more “big”. Crunch does not remove the fat away. So, if you add your abdominal muscles without reducing fat, the belly will actually look fatter. Well, for your dream flat stomach is reached, add cardio exercise (such as jogging or brisk walking), and more importantly, reduce fatty foods!